Relaunched with a local group

Aramil the Grifter – Played by Mike(CrimsenOverlord)
GM – Robert(EmeraldDragun)
? – Played by Stump
? – Played by Cerrati

The Coming Blight is a campaign revolving around the Fifth Blight that arises in Ferelden. It starts 1 year before the Dragon Age: Origins video game.

The party will begin in the country of Rivain, in a modified version of the city of Llomerryn.

Banned Background: Circle Mage
Possible Set 3 Backgrounds: Rivaini Swashbuckler, Waking Sea Raider (These are the only options allowed from Set 3 for now.)

Act 1 – Levels 2-5 (Rivain)
Act 2 – Levels 6-10 (Free Marches/Orlais)
Act 3 – Levels 11-15 (Orlais/Tevinter)
Act 4 – Levels 16-20 (Ferelden)
Act 5 – The Archdemon’s siege on Denerim

The Coming Blight

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