The original Sea Lord of Freeport


Some time after the founding of the pirate city of Freeport the city found itself under attacks from the navy of Rivain.
The men of Freeport realized that it would take a navy to fight a navy, so the pirate captains decided to form a force of their own and then go raiding en masse. But who should lead this great raid? After much bickering, the pirates settled on two captains for the fleet. Captains Drac and Francisco were fierce rivals, and the assembled captains believed that anything the two could agree on would be a good decision. It was not an ideal situation, but the pirates had surprise and numbers on their side. The combined fleet went on a three-month raid that netted more money, valuables, foodstuffs, and booze than Freeport had ever seen. The Great Raid, as it was called, was a spectacular success, still remembered in the yearly celebration of Swagfest, and neither Drac nor Francisco was slow in claiming credit. Before long, each had declared himself a Sea Lord of Freeport.
Eventually the city became part of Rivain, yet it operates almost independently to this day.

The name Drac is remembered much more than Francisco due to the long line of Sea Lord successors that descended from the original. Some were great leaders, some were terrible, but almost all of the Sea Lords have been a Drac.


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