Leader of The Syndicate


Finn is a small man (4ft) that runs a criminal enterprise known as The Syndicate.

While Finn is certainly on the wrong side of a law, he’s not evil. He sees himself as a pragmatic businessman. He offers services to the good citizens of the Eastern District and they of course must pay for said services. Finn makes most of his money in two ways: protection and money lending. Interestingly enough, while protection in most places is indeed a racket. Finn’s Syndicate actual does keep thieves and criminals out of the Eastern District. After all, if Finn let other thieves take the money of his clientele, how would the Syndicate get paid?

Money lending is big business in a place like the Eastern District. Hungry young entrepreneurs have more ideas than cash, so Finn provides them with “venture capital” for their businesses. Struggling merchants use his money to bankroll trips in search of exotic trade goods. Existing businesses get loans to help them through the lean times. All of these ventures are risky, so Finn charges premium rates. When they are successful, Finn benefits. When unsuccessful, Finn’s enforcers always find a way to recoup the losses. Always.

To a surprising degree, Easterners are loyal to Finn and the Syndicate. They know he’s a criminal, but they also feel he’s on their side. He keeps away unwanted elements, he protects their businesses, and he sponsors several street festivals each year that bring in a lot of money to the Eastern District.


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