Llomerryn is often referred to by the locals as Freeport.

Freeport  map

A brief summary of the sections of the city

The Docks

This is the first part of the city that most people see, starting with the numerous wharves at which their ships can dock. One of the roughest parts of town, the Docks are mostly filled with the kinds of taverns and inns of the type that would give your mother a heart attack were she to hear you might be frequenting them.

Drac’s End

This is the most poverty-stricken part of town. People here try to scrape out an honest living, far from the chaos of the waterfront districts, but it’s not always an easy thing to do in a city like Freeport.
Drac’s End is so named because the original Drac had once envisioned expanding the city deeper into the island. Unfortunately a series of events ensured Drac’s plans for expansion came to an end here, and thus the name.

The Eastern District

The Eastern District is the home of Freeport’s middle class, The residents here have clawed their way out of Scurvytown or Drac’s End, but haven’t quite made it to the luxury of the Merchant District. The Eastern District is the unofficial fief of crime lord Finn.

The Merchant District

This is where the wealthiest people in Freeport live and sometimes even work. The shops here cater only to the highest class of customer, and the streets are lined with well-maintained stones and trimmed with handsome lights and well-kept greenery. Wave Avenue, the top address in town, runs right through the center of the district, like the spine that holds the city’s economy together. It’s said that more deals are done on Wave Street than in the entirety of the Eastern District.

The Old City

This is where it all began under the original Sea Lord Drac. The massive wall that surrounded the city in its earliest days still stands, although Freeport has long since sprawled far outside those confines. While the five gates that control traffic in and out of the Old City are still in working order, ready to be slammed shut and barricaded against riot or invasion, they haven’t been used in years.
In places, the old brickwork in this district is falling down, but this is still the seat of rule in the city, The Courts are here, as well as the Sea Lord’s Palace.


This is far and away the meanest part of town. The area is filled with flophouses, weapon shops, and taverns catering to the lowest class of clientele. Crime runs rampant here, and the Sea Lord’s Guard has only recently attempted to check the criminals’ worst excesses.

Temple District

This area once housed a Chantry, though the building has been converted to a homeless shelter since the Exalted March on Rivain during the Storm Age.
Though the Chantry no longer holds any say here, several of their works persist. The Temple District houses an orphanage, a homeless shelter, and a soup kitchen. There are also several small, humble houses where those who run these charities reside.

The Warehouse District

As a major center of trade in Rivain, Freeport needs to have a place for the easy storage of goods of all kinds. Unlike the wharves down in the Docks or Scurvytown, the piers of the Warehouse District are all well guarded and in good shape. The business done here involves serious money, and the docking fees are commensurately higher to cover the cost of the increased
It’s no coincidence that this area borders directly on the Merchant District. The powerful and wealthy prefer not to have to walk far to keep watch over their goods.


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