There is little official lore about Llomerryn. Here is what I have found:

“Llomerryn gained prominence as the place where peace was made with the Qunari. However, today it is famous as a refuge for the immoral. Its markets are notorious and it is said that “any man can gain his heart’s desire – for the right price.” The Raiders of the Waking Sea operate out of Llomerryn." – Unofficial Dragon Age Wiki (Llomerryn)

“Llomerryn, a politically neutral port city on an island off the southern tip of Rivain. It is famous for being the location in which the Llomerryn Accords were signed, finally ending the Qunari Wars and Exalted Marches which had been afflicting the continent for nearly 150 years. The city is a favored base for pirates and criminals and its renowned bazaars often peddle stolen goods. It is also the headquarters of the Felicisima Armada.” – Unofficial Dragon Age Wiki (Rivain)

Because it fits the theme and feel that I am going for I have adapted the Green Ronin product Freeport to stand in as Llomerryn during this campaign. Click here for information on my version of Freeport.


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